What to Expect

Confidentiality, Compassion, Change


“Lord, if you are willing, you can make me whole.”

And Jesus stretched out His hand and touched the man, and said,

‘I am willing.'” – Luke 5


When you arrive, you will be greeted by the receptionist. You will then be given a simple form asking for your name and what specific needs you have so we may pray for you. This information is strictly confidential.

Shortly, you will be taken back to a private room where a trained prayer team we will spend about 20 minutes ministering to you. We are expecting God to show His love and healing to you in this session. We are not counselors, so we will do no counseling.

When you are ready to leave, you will be given some scriptures on healing for you to pray at home. We will also have some reading material that you may want to look through while waiting for or after prayer.

The form you filled out will be given back to you.

We are here to serve you with love,
Aileen Solomon – Director

Healing Rooms of Frederick is part of the
International Association of Healing Rooms.

No appointment necessary, however appointments are welcome.
Please contact us above -or- call 240-415-0172.