“The experience for me with your “Healing Room” was wonderful; actually it exceeded my expectations. These wonderful spiritual individuals prayed for my healing of migraines which was my reason for going to the Healing Room, however they also were able to helped me roll over to the Lord a few emotional wounds that I had been carrying deep inside me. I cannot express it enough on how much LOVE that I felt in the Healing Room that rainy night, God was certainly present in that room that night showing me through the healers that He Loves me and does not want me in pain. Thanks to the healers for taking their time with me and showing me God’s mercy…” – TW

“When I came to Healing Rooms I had been experiencing intense shooting pains in my spine for several months. I have degenerative bone and disc disease and am under the care of a spinal doctor whom believes in the use of alternative care to avoid surgery. When I was at Healing Rooms I felt the presence of the Lord and the compassion of those praying for my healing. This was six weeks ago, and thought I still have pain, the debilitating shooting pains in my spine have not returned, and I once again am able to function ‘normally’ and participate more completely in activities! I am grateful for my experience at Healing Rooms.” – VW

“I came in very heavy laden and burdened down but I left filled with the joy of the Lord!” – CS

“My doctor said my left ear doesn’t have an eardrum. My right ear can hear just a little bit. After being prayed for at Healing Rooms of Frederick, I can hear clearly. Both ears feel like God has put speakers in them. I can hear clearly now. Thank God.” – KN

“The prayer from the healing room is greatly appreciated. Immediately my mobility in my legs began. The pain and more mobility is improving every day. After working my knees will hurt but at 60 years old I can’t get off scott free.” – MG

“I felt a definite difference in the pain level in my back/spine after prayer. The arthritis pain decreased by at least 50 percent. I am a believer!” – SK

“The prayer team was able to go deeper than the apparent issue and brought revelation and wisdom to start me on a journey of healing and acceptance in Christ. Thank God for the truth and people that are sensitive to direction of the Holy Spirit!” – EW

“Before going into Healing Rooms, I was feeling pretty weighed down for the reasons I was coming in for. But during my session, I felt the love of God and His heart for me. I left the time with Healing Rooms encouraged, joyful, and with strength to fight the the fight at hand. Thank you!” – AB

“Went to Healing Rooms about a month ago and my shoulder felt much better and I actually slept all night for the first time in 6 months.” – BJ

There are thousands more testimonies from the Healing Rooms that are located in the U.S and globally. Click HERE to read about what God is doing in those Healing Rooms.